While we have continued operating we are have loosened some of our restrictions.  
We expect that you will only visit Kaslo if you are healthy,
we will not ask you to complete a questionnaire or check your temperature,
we will trust you as we hope you will trust us to keep everyone's health in mind.

 Kaslo Motel has no common areas, or internal hallways the only possible point of exposure to others is the office, 
please keep your distance. 

While in the past we have always been mindful of  germ catchers like toilet flush levers we are now also cleaning other items like temperature controls and coat hangers for example, that may not have been cleaned on a daily basis previously.  Please be gentle when/if you need to wipe surfaces with disinfecting wipes, particularly the remote controls, as moisture will build up inside them and buttons will no longer co-operate as we have discovered with our TV remotes this past year!!!!

While some guidelines suggest we remove coffee makers from rooms, we have left them in, rooms that do not have kitchen sinks where it is expected you can wash your own, we have had to replace china cups and wine glasses with packaged coffee cups and plastic cups.