We are all closely monitoring the news and are very mindful of all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. School closings and travel restrictions have made significant impacts in many travel plans. While Kaslo Motel is fortunate to continue to be open for business, we remain mindful of those impacted and continue to keep them in our thoughts.

We have committed to maintain our current rate structure and not increase our rates. We are working diligently here at Kaslo Motel to make sure that your family and our team's safety remains a priority . Our team is monitoring all the news and releases in order to stay up to date on the latest information and best practices including social distancing strategies, thorough hand washing, and increased disinfectant measures. As of this writing, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kaslo.

As Kaslo Motel has no common areas, or internal hallways the only possible point of exposure to others is the office Front Door,  knock, we will answer the door, please keep your distance. We have adopted a no contact policy, and will be charging the card on file used to book the room, or use of tap on credit card machine.  We will be not be servicing rooms on a daily basis, of course you can let us know if you need supplies, and can leave your trash outside your door for removal. On your departure the room is left untouched before staff enter the room to clean, so please on your departure, turn all the heat off and open a window so we can get some fresh Kootenay air in the room!  We anticipate that we may have to loosen our restrictions on the time left between occupancy (currently two days) due to sustainability of the Motel,  but are not there yet.

While in the past we have always been mindful of  germ catchers like toilet flush levers we are now also cleaning other items like temperature controls and coat hangers for example, that may not have been cleaned on a daily basis previously.  While some guidelines suggest we remove coffee makers from rooms, we have left them in, rooms that do not have kitchen sinks where it is expected you can wash your own, we have had to replace china cups and wine glasses with packaged coffee cups and plastic cups.