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Ainsworth Hot Springs

The natural hot springs found at Ainsworth originate from the nearby Cody Caves that are located to the east from up the mountain. These waters become warm as they flow down through the natural rock features and reach the lakeshore fault and Hydraulic pressure forces the water up to the Ainsworth Hot springs for guest to enjoy. The water contain purifying minerals from its path through the mountain. Minerals in the water include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium and silica to name a few. It is on average around 108 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature for the cave springs and about 96 degrees for the pool. 

Although Ainsworth Hot Springs guest enjoy these waters today, the hot springs were originally used by the Ktunaxa first nations peoples. They used it after long days of hunting and gathering food to relax. It was also believed the minerals in this water had restorative health properties for those that soak in the water.

Guests can enjoy these waters for a small entry fee. Adults are charged 14 dollars, Seniors (60 and over) 13 dollars, teens for 12 dollars, and children (3-12) 10 dollars. Children under 3 can join their guardians for free in the hot springs. Guests can also opt for the family package which is 40 dollars for two adults and two children with any additional children being 9 dollars each. For those that might have forgotten their swimsuit or need a towel they can rent one. The rental fee is a total of 8 dollars with five of those dollars being refundable as a deposit when the suit or towel is returned.

Though the pool is open for all ages toys are not allowed, but personal flotation devices are. It is recommended that guests drink non-spring water and stay hydrated since the pool is quite warm.