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Treehouse Restaurant

The building the Treehouse Restaurant now resides in was originally constructed in 1894. It was built in the classic false-front style you would typically see only in western movies. Over the years as Kaslo grew the shop stayed at the heart of downtown. It has served the community as a general store, milinery shop, drug store, and several restaurants. 

The restaurant that calls it home today is the Treehouse Restaurant. It was opened by Ronnie and Pauline who are both cooks for the restaurants. Their passion for both food and the Kaslo community led them to open the restaurant. Since then, like the beloved old building, it has woven itself into the community as a crucial thread. 

Treehouse Restaurant is open everyday from 7:30 am to 3 pm with an exception of Friday where it is open till 7 pm. The restaurant has exactly two menus labeled Breakfast and Lunch & Beyond. Their breakfast includes classics like Eggs Benedict, Breakfast bowls, Omelettes, mexican breakfast specials, scrambled eggs, muffins, and hot cakes. They even have cereals & fruits including options like Bran Flakes, Rice Crispies, Oatmeal, Multigrain, Granola, yogurt, and a variety of fruit. For those that particularly like breakfast certain breakfast options are available in the Lunch & Beyond menu. Other than breakfast the Lunch & Beyond menu includes categories like soups, salads, salad wraps, Mexican style dishes, bowls, pita melts, burgers, jumbo hot dogs, chicken strips, subs, and sandwiches. 

For those visiting Kaslo or the surrounding area, Treehouse restaurant is a must visit. Its classic american food is cooked with care and as a hometown diner it is the perfect place to get a true taste of Kaslo. Each dish is made by cooks that love making quality dishes, but also the people they make it for. It is truly a must-eat for those visiting Kaslo.